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Chaos Group has released their 2011 official V-Ray demo reel showcasing the amazing works from the film & visual effects industry.


Visual Effects

The Visual Effects program is designed to provide students with expertise in directing a complete, short animated film, designing and building 3D characters, and fully integrating visual effects shots from concept to post-production.

3D Modeling

The 3D modeling emphasis is designed for students interested in acquiring the basic to advanced skills necessary to work in the field of animation as a professional modeler (hard, organic, etc).

Animation & Visual Effects

This training prepares students for entry-level positions in the fields of animation, visual effects for film and television, video game production, scientific visualization, and other mediums that require 3D graphics and animation, including 3D character and computer animation, animation Maya and VFX .

integration of 2D and 3D

Join us for a special evening showcasing the inspiring artwork of ten influential artists in the film and game industries. This gallery reception will feature a wide array of concept art and final production work, including environments, characters, vehicles and more. Various techniques will be on display that include the now common integration of 2D […]

visual effect animation

The Visual Effects ┬áis a worldwide expert privileged society and the excitement business’ just association speaking to the full expansiveness of visual impacts specialists including craftsmen, technologists, model creators, teachers, studio executives, directors, PR/showcasing authorities and producers.the Visual Effects Society (VES) is the stimulation business’ just association speaking to the full broadness of visual impacts […]

Computer animation

Machine liveliness is the methodology utilized for producing energized pictures by utilizing machine illustrations. The more general term machine produced symbolism envelops both static scenes and element pictures, while machine movement just alludes to moving pictures created by misusing the tirelessness of vision to make an arrangement of pictures look vivified. Given that pictures keep […]

3D animation & computer graphics

3D machine representation are design that utilize a three-dimensional representation of geometric information that is put away in the machine for the reasons of performing counts and rendering 2d pictures. Such pictures may be put away for survey later or showed continuously. 3D machine representation depend on a number of the same calculations as 2d […]

3D Animation

Activity is the methodology of making a nonstop movement and shape change deception by method for the quick show of a grouping of static pictures that negligibly contrast from one another. The deception as in films when all is said in done is thought to depend on the phi wonder. Illustrators are specialists who work […]